Canissage is the ultimate dog massage system.

Used and recommended by top greyhound trainers and breeders to boost performance and maximise results, Canissage incorporates the unique, medically proven Cyclo-Massaqe® technology to create the ultimate dog massage system, helping to treat specific conditions, prevent injury and promote all round health and wellbeing.

As well as providing relief from a wide range of canine health conditions including arthritis, hip, shoulder and joint problems, intermittent lameness or limb dragging, respiratory problems, nervousness and stress, the Canissage dog massage system helps to:

New to the market from Niagara, the UK’s leading mobility healthcare brand, Canissage offers dogs of all sizes a deep, penetrating yet gentle and relaxing multi-directional massage to soothe and restore emotional and physical balance.

Regular use of the Canissage dog massage therapy system can improve performance and the overall health of greyhounds as it works directly on the muscles, using its multi-directional cycloidal action to reach deep into the soft tissue - precisely the areas that maybe holding trauma, injury, scarring or spasm. If you are a greyhound trainer the system can be used pre-race to calm your greyhound’s nerves, and post-race to relieve tension for your greyhound’s muscles after they have completed a race.